loved in shades of wrong
you were never a saint

Taylor Swift’s Grammy Awards 7/19 - Grammy Nominations & Awards (x)


that is the most relevant thing Rita Ora has done with her career

taylorswift: We decided we were dressed like a strait-laced mom and her rebellious teen daughter. #YouDontUnderstandMeMom!!! #StormsOut #ComeBackHere,YoungLady! @therealsarahhyland

PS: short hair, don’t care. (!!!)



have you ever stayed up late with someone texting or chatting and known as the hours ticked by that you’d be ridiculously tired in the morning but it didnt matter because it was really fun and totally worth losing sleep over just to laugh with someone and enjoy their company maybe and then the next day you keep tiredly recalling how much fun it was while you’re falling asleep in class and that makes it not so bad that you’re tired anymore

Just friends

# me 



can see it now

I remember straightening my hair because I wanted to be like everybody else, and now the fact that anybody would emulate what I do? It's just funny.