Taylor through the years: The AMA’s 

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THE RED TOUR: The Animated Tourbook
PART 1: North America
St. Louis, Missouri, USA: March 18th and 19th, 28 582 / 28 582 in attendance, $2 346 203 in revenue.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada: June 14th and 15th, 87 627 / 87 627 in attendance, $7 863 310 in revenue.
→ Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: June 22nd, 33 061 / 33 061 in attendance, $3 175 430 in revenue.
→ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA: July 6th, 56 047 / 56 047 in attendance, $4 718 518 in revenue.
→ Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA: July 26th and 27th, 110 712 / 110 712 in attendance $9 464 063 in revenue.

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I think people will be amazed at my ribbon dancing skills. Ribbon dancing is an art form that I feel I possess in my inner soul. I think everything else has just been like a kind of detour and I’ve now found my final destination which is ribbon dancing.

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taylorswift you’re so beautiful.

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HQ (x)

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Countdown to 1989: Week 1 of 4

This weeks featured song: State Of Grace.

"This is the golden age of something good and right and real."

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"The one thing I wish these girls that come to my shows knew is that they are exactly where I was when I was a teenager. I had no idea who I was! I was going through all these phases. I was trying on different outfits and all these different personalities, trying to figure out what category I fit into, and which clique I would be accepted in. But if you just keep doing ‘you’, and being who you are and doing what feels natural to you, maybe you won’t find a place where you fit in for a very long time, but you eventually will."

— Taylor Swift for British Vogue, November 2014 (via ialmostdo)
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Taylor Swift for Vogue, November 2014

"Since she’s been single, Swift has been acquiring girlfriends with the fervor she once devoted to landing guys. (For instance: Two years ago she told Vogue she wanted to be friends with Kloss; now they’re going to the gym together and taking road trips to Big Sur.) Swift says this is another byproduct of being single. “When your number-one priority is getting a boyfriend, you’re more inclined to see a beautiful girl and think, ‘Oh, she’s gonna get that hot guy I wish I was dating,’” she says. “But when you’re not boyfriend-shopping, you’re able to step back and see other girls who are killing it and think, ‘God, I want to be around her.’” As an example, she cites her pal Lorde, whom she calls Ella. “It’s like this blazing bonfire,” Swift says. “You can either be afraid of it because it’s so powerful and strong, or you can go stand near it, because it’s fun and it makes you brighter.”

"One thing I do believe as a feminist is that, in order for us to have gender equality, we have to stop making it a girl fight. And we have to stop being so interested in girls trying to tear each other down. It has to be about cheering each other on as women. And that’s just how I feel about it.”

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I have a lot of things to draw from emotionally at the moment. But I have to draw from them with a different perspective than on Red. I can’t say the same things over and over, you know? I mean, I think it’s just all the more important that I don’t ever allow myself to coast. At the same time, there’s a mistake that I see artists make when they’re on their fourth or fifth record, and they think innovation is more important than solid songwriting. The most terrible letdown as a listener for me is when I’m listening to a song and I see what they were trying to do. Like, where there’s a dance break that doesn’t make any sense, there’s a rap that shouldn’t be there, there’s like a beat change that’s, like, the coolest, hippest thing this six months—but it has nothing to do with the feeling, it has nothing to do with the emotion, it has nothing to do with the lyric. I never want to put things in songs just because that might make them popular, like, on the more rhythmic stations or in dance clubs. I really don’t want a compilation of sounds. I just need them to be songs.

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